About Us

Arthur and Agnes is an idea brought about by the need to spend more time at home with our beautiful children, Arthur and Agnes.
We are Alexandra and Matthew and are doting parents who understand that a healthy balance between work and time spent with our family is vitally important to the well-being of our children. And to us. Because of this more time at home means that we get to experience all the wonderful things that happen with kids growing up.
Matt & I are world travellers who have settled in Melbourne, Australia as it is home to Alexandra. Our families and friends are a huge part of our every day lives. For that reason, Matthew’s family have relocated from the UK to New Zealand in an attempt to be much closer to their children and adorable grandchildren. We are a young family who holds our families very close to our hearts and is the core essence of who we are as people.
We saw a gap in the market for beautifully designed and created shoes for babies and toddlers. Most of the shoes that we found that we liked came from overseas and cost a small fortune. As a result, what we saw in Australia was somewhat limited when it came to fashionable choices for our kids.
With a limited Australian market we decided that the opportunity to create our own business was too good to pass up. We believe that the products we are selling are not only beautiful, fashionable and cost effective, but are created with high quality products and are packed and delivered to our customers with loving care.
Our hope is that you and your children will fall in love with these shoes as much as we have.
Alex & Matt x